About us

EKI is a biannual independent magazine, devoted to all those who love and get inspired from light.  

The magazine hosts artists from all over the world and its purpose is to create a space to share and compare multiple ways to approach light, through different techniques and creative ideas. Each issue of the magazine will deal with a specific type of light.


Eki is the divinity representing the Sun in the basque mythology and her mother is Ama Lur (Mother Earth), the beginning of everything. Ama Lur blessed humanity with Eki’s light so that they could finally break free from the misery and oppression caused by Gaueko, the God of Darkness. Ama Lur donò agli uomini la luce di Eki, grazie alla quale riuscirono a liberarsi dalle sofferenze provocate da Gaueko, Dio delle tenebre.

EKI and paper

EKI was born in 2020 but it still believes in the power of paper. Is it an anachronistic choice? We are dealing with a critical phase of the publishing industry, linked to the acceleration of our reality. In this ever-more rapid world we invite you to take a moment of reflection, to get back to a physical and sensory experience through the touch of a page, the smell of a book. 

Who we are

Cofounder: Arianna Pucci, Camilla Cattabriga, Claudia Sicuranza, Maria Chiara Morolli.

Camilla Cattabriga:
Cofounder, editorial director, creative director
Claudia Sicuranza:
Cofounder, editorial director, creative director
Eleonora Contessi:
Editorial director, creative director
Marta I. Giotti:
Giulia Sorbo:
Maddalena Sciarra:
Text editor
Irene Casagrande:
Text supervisor
Beniamino Ziccardi:
Graphic designer
Micol Gelsi:
Web designer
Arianna Pera:
Production coordinator
Alessandra Sharani:
Social media manager

Illustrations by Andrea Squillace