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L’abbonamento annuale alla rivista Eki magazine, che prevede l’acquisto della Issue 02 e 03, può essere richiesto inviando una mail a magazine.eki@gmail.com.

É previsto uno sconto del 16%.


EKI Issue 00

25 €

Its many manifestations always have something spectacular, in life, in art, in literature, in history: light is revolution. 

EKI Issue 01 – Night light

25 €

In Eki Issue 01, we will explore, together, the dynamics of that light that shines where there is only darkness.


EKI Issue 02 – Sun light

30 €

If we had to organize all light sources into a list in order of importance, there is one that would surely be at the first spot above all others. Of course, we are talking about the Sun: the closest star and the brightest light. It is to this source of life itself that Eki’s new Issue 02 is dedicated.

Modo Infoshop

Via Mascarella, 24/b, Bologna


Via del Pigneto, 162/e, Roma


Francesco Baracca 44, Forlì

LMC Vision

Via Cagliari 36/C, Torino


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 100, 20123 Milano

Fashion Room Bookstore

Via Il Prato, 7/r, Firenze