The first EKI MAGAZINE event dedicated to light

Thursday, June 30, 2022, from 19.00 to 00.00 at the Botanical Garden of Rome* on the occasion of the release of EKI MAGAZINE - issue 02, dedicated to sunlight, the cultural association EKI in collaboration with the cultural association KOKÈ organized the event EKI NIGHT.


19.00 entry

19.30 – 20.15 intro by eki team – talk w/ Paolo Carnera

21.00 – 22.00 Sinnerman live show

22.15 – 22.30 Habitus, performance w/ Gaia Altucci and Fiamma Rigoni, musiche di Niccolò Vannucchi

22.00 – 00.00 Dj Ariannna 

Light painting, performance w/ Hopeless studio and Softcore

Lightscapes di Federico Luciano 

Sponsor Co im ap srl, cinefilos.it 

Partner Orto Botanico,  hinkypunk studio, Nastro Azzurro Peroni

Food e Drink Welcome to Yam

"What is to win but in the darkness pull a thread of light from the sky?"

We thirst for light. Especially when it is dark for too long.

I decide to take the train, I go to the hotel, I wash myself and I wear my sky-blue dress of glittering sequins. A pencil thread and a veil of lipstick.

I love rituals and I feel the need to properly prepare myself to meet a god.

"Good evening, I’ll be back around midnight"

"Where are you going?"

"To meet a deity," I reply with a smile.

"It’s been a long time since gods met in Rome"

"Yet it can still happen"

"Ah yes?"

"Of course"

"And what is the name of this god?" the receptionist asks me with a little irony




"ok...have fun"

"thanks, see you later"

The images of the eternal city flow before my eyes from the window of the taxi.

The strength of history still wins, despite everything. 

"You’re always beautiful".

I cross the threshold of what will be the seat of the expected meeting. It is a large garden, as in the best traditions.

I look up and welcome the most varied forms of leaves, plants, flowers, perfumes. "Will I be in Eden?".

My breath expands and my eyes try to record the colors of a sunset that turns everything pink.

I went to the appointment alone. Me and my sequins. 

I turn around, a presence touches me - "Wow even the Vestals", I think to myself.

"There are four of us, we keep the sacred fire," says a girl dressed in white with her long hair down on her back - she read my mind.

"You have a sequin dress too," I say.

"Welcome, I am Arianna, from the Greek Ariadne, pure, sacred".

"What are the other vestals called?"

"Camilla, from Camillus, for the Roman maiden of free standing who assisted the priest during the sacred rites. 

Claudia, clausus, inviolable, inaccessible.

Eleonora, in Hebrew El means "God", nur "light". God is my light".

I’m starting to feel comfortable.

"And who are they?" - my attention is captured by ethereal dancing figures wrapped in iridescent veils, able to draw with the body archetypal movements in tune with the rhythm of the music. They hypnotize me a little.

"The Celestial Dancers". 

The garden slowly fills with people. 

"They all seek the Light," Ariadne says.

"And how many are there?"

"At the end of the evening we will be many. Four hundred"

"Everyone here for Eki?"

"Yes. Eki manifests itself every six months, on the days of the winter solstice and summer. It marks the passage of time. We need rituals.

"And how does it manifest itself?"

"She shows herself, lets herself be touched. Human beings want to experience with the senses what is divine"

"I’m excited. I need to be reborn"

"We are in the right place ".

Eki is written, drawn light (photos-graphia), stopped in time, which can be read, browsed, assimilated. 

Perhaps, to meet the divinity, one must become like the wonderful plants that I have known and embraced in the Botanical Garden of Rome. 

If we are what we eat, to become Light, we must feed on Light.

I thank the founders of Eki Camilla Cattabriga, Claudia Sicuranza, Eleonora Contessa; Arianna Pera, engine of this project.

After all, the Light is a woman.

Scritto da Ilaria Maria d’Urbano

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